Friday, February 24, 2017

Kings of War Campaign Month 1!

This week I managed to get four games in! Possibly a fifth this weekend.

Kings of War

So the Kings of War Campaign has begun! The first round seems to be a bit more league like, which is fine since everyone is learning the rules. My goal for this just like the 40k campaign is a fully painted army for all official battles. So as previously mentioned I went with Ogres.
Small model count for the win!

So each month we have one assigned game then can get in side games, good versus evil are tallied for the win each month to see how the Battle of Tyris Gate is going.

So for my two unscheduled games I learned how brutal a horde of archers backed with cav and a flying Lord can be to face. My opponent was playing the Brotherhood, think old Bretonians.
Can't be that bad! Ogres squash puny human armor!

First game was over by round two. We played to three but stopped there. His rolls were good plus shooting combined with a flyer that can easily get rear/flank charges while you deal with shooter overwhelmed my army. At a thousand points I hadn't really thought of a good counter with Ogres. But always need to learn a new game and see how the ropes work.

We did a rematch which I still lost but it came exceptionally close down to the last turn. Probably should have picked a different priority targets, but dice also didn't go with me. I did return shooting fun with taking out a regiment of knights! I now have a better feel for the Ogres. I also have a better understanding how essential the magic items are in this game for a none casting army (undead have other fun).

Scheduled Game - Month 1 Ogres vs Kingdoms of Men

Funny enough both Bill and I are neutral armies, bit of a side skirmish to the campaign or battle because our allies want us to? Maybe my Ogres figure to get some gold during the commotion. You can read my opponents view at his blog. One of the best parts of Kings of War is the fact that the rules are straight forward enough we can catch up after not seeing each other in a long time and still get the game in despite being new players.
The river would be a game changing terrain piece. We counted it as an obstacle.

So my list consists of
-regiment of red gobbos
-horde of ogre warriors
-regiment of ogre warriors with pathfinder
-horde of shooters with bonus to hit (36" range, 4+, and piercing 2!)
-standard bearer with a BOOMSTICK! (lighting spell 3)

His knights and carbine cav were on the flank, countered by my giant and gobbos. The remaining forces were to the center right (from my view). The game started with moving forward some firing between units but nothing too substantial turn 1. Turn 2 saw the ultimate surprise the first kill went to the goblins! The Ogres would later claim it was the giant but the goblins shot and drove off the carbine cav!
We be goblins ye be food!

The ogre shooters would in two rounds take out his elite swordsmen. His Ballista would take out my standard bearer. His knights would take out the gobbos, while they spent the rest of the game hiding from the giant.

The river would wind up dividing my ogre units leading to the charge into the pikemen not being strong enough allowing them to hold, his standard bearer healing didn't help. The pikemen have ensnare plus the obstacle charge meant I was attacking at -2, lesson learned! The pikemen held my ogres in place long enough for a berserk horde to get the flank and well 60 attacks will take out most units! However, it also would slow his crossing allowing my shooters more time to eliminate the horde and standard bearer.
Damn you river!

Thank you river! Ogres are so fickle.

The pikemen engaged the Giant in the river, which was wiser than getting shot! The giant would waiver them but not manage to kill them. At this point it was the end of turn 6 and the roll said the game was over. The game ended with a difference of 70 points in favor of Ogres, not enough for a win. So a fun draw.
The gobbos will carefully tease the giant, since he didn't do his part and they did theirs! Probably not actually in his ear shot or better yet when he is sleeping.

The game was fun and I definitely learned the fun of ensnare combined with terrain! Overall I'm happy with KOW, tactics matter but the game isn't bogged down with rules that slow the game.


I also got a quick 25 point Hordes game in. I'm a little annoyed with the cards being invalidated within a year of mk3. It seems to me they knew this was coming and should have playtested or made the decision before a new edition. On the side direction I do like war room so I'll just use it instead.

Either way did a mission where you needed to be in the center. I went continued with the days Ogre theme and did Thagrosh and his blighted ogrun buddies (not fully painted). My opponent went with his Grissel list. 
So much thinking and positioning forgot to take pictures!

We both rolled pretty poorly, but I had a number of lucky tough rolls. The check mate was when I made my warspears immune to fire and had typhoon and Thagrosh deliver 4 sprays (through my warpsears) to hit Grissel and kill the dire troll. Due to fire immunity the warspears survived and held Grissel in place. The next turn I lucked out and managed to hit with the final blow. Fun game but a lot of positioning. Not sure I really want to play 50 points any time soon.

Both my opponents were great this week, hope to get more gaming in. (and yes I will talk about the 3d printer and terrain, but wanted to test the buildings first).

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Army in a Month

So crazy year, but a decent amount of gaming, probably a bit too much ps4.


I'm currently working on a number of projects. However, one of my gaming groups has decided to try a Kings of War campaign. The campaign game master decided on 1000 point army. Decided to try something a little new and to go with my Ogre Army. My goal was to finish in about a month. My painting skills are decent but not amazing, so I would be relying on dip methods.
Round 1

The initial prime was white, however it was a little off. I figured the size of the model would make this less of a problem. For base colors I decided on a number of different pant colors, ogres not really having a uniform. Skin would start as a fair skin. Paints are all reaper.
Add some metal.

Some flesh wash then fair skin touch up.

At this point I added hair. The eyes I used white paint then a micron pen.

The next step was trying out the army painter strong tone shade. The size of ogres meant I needed to use a brush as opposed to actually dipping the model in stain.
A couple of other models stained with the ogres.

The weather was a little wet, needing me to let the stain dry for a few extra days before the dullcote. Next step will be basing. As always I am also working on numerous projects. The main ones (besides ogres) are Nurgle, 30 years war Cardinals guard, ancient britons, mansions of madness, and zombicide.

Next time: 3d Printing Fun

Monday, February 1, 2016

Kings of War and current projects

In With the New

So, like many fantasy gamer I used to play Warhammer Fantasy Battles. I have a number of armies and a slew of models used for other games. I actually got tired of the game during 7th/8th edition. It started to feel clunky and unbalanced. It didn't help there were so many other games to play. I of course would play a game if someone wanted to. I want really surprised with Age of Sigmar, few people were buying GW Fantasy, even those who played. However, it did lead to a good deal of interest in Kings of War. Since I can use my old models, figured I'd give a go of game against one of my friends.

Similar look to WFB

I decided to try my vampire count army. My friend decided to bring his dwarfs. For my list I tried zombie trolls, vampire knights, balefire catapult, a liche king, then the normal vampire, necromancer, grave guard, zombies and skeletons. The points, buying, and army composition are very straight forward and quick. One thing I like is you buy units by size not model. This allows them to take into account a forty unit model should not be double the price of a twenty unit model since it isn't twice as effective. I always hated paying full price for the back row.

The first few rounds were maneuvering as usual. Also following normal games against dwarfs, I lost the trolls and some zombies to shooting. However, the Liche King is a spell master moving and raising my large units. Backing him (it?) up was the necromancer. On the left flank the vampire and the vampire knights brought havoc.

The Liche King managed to shrug the dwarf flame cannon off. The right undead wing destroyed his flank, in a shock to both of us.

Meanwhile the vampire and his knights tore through the other side.

At this point we called it a game. My friend had a really bad set of rolls which let my skeletons do a bit too well. I came to one major conclusion, I doubt I will ever play Warhammer again. In fact if someone wants to I'd try to convince them to give Kings of War a try. The game feels like older Warhammer in size and movement. Combat is simpler, but not in a bad way. Flank charges are brutal (double attacks), making maneuvering essential. I felt like I was playing my old Vampire Count army. All the feel and enjoyment from Warhammer in a shorter time and prep.

Current Projects

In other news the holidays left me with a number of new games to try.

I was excited to get the new edition of Fury of Dracula, looking forward to trying it. Legacy is an amusing game where you try to build the best noble family. My wife got the muchkin, brushes and time stories. I'm very curious to see how that plays. To round up the games a bunch of infinity and a hard copy of Delta Green! For the more nerdy side (but game related) I got the two part Wellington biography.

As for my current projects, I'm trying to finish my american rifleman for French Indian War. I'm also working on French troops for the Thirty Years War. Also trying to finish some War of the Roses. If that is not enough I'm trying to paint up models for Hell's Rebels Pathfinder (some TYW will double) and Necessary Evil rpg campaigns. No wonder I never finish anything.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Return to Android


So, we normally get a game in for Black Friday. This year it was a smaller group so we decided to play Android, first time in years.

The box comes out

The Murder - The World Changed Crime Did Not

A murder has occurred in a Blade Runner style world. Each player takes a detective tasked with solving the murder. Players also are randomly assigned which suspect they are to prove innocent and which to prove guilty. This kept secret from the other players. As the game progress through the two weeks evidence is found, alibis determined, perjury, and all placed on the suspects. At the end of two weeks the case is closed and the guilty determined.
The suspects with some evidence

 Not so simple - Life is always about Balance!

Characters also have their own weekly story with baggage tokens. Each weekly character story has special goals and rules. They also have four possible endings resulting in positive to negative victory points. With only so many hours in a day, focusing on just the investigation can cost your character greatly and your victory points. There are also conspiracy tokens, favor tokens, taking out hits on suspects, etc....

Light and Dark Cards

To play a special card to help your cause you need to shift to the light. However you can only go four steps. This cards are specific to the characters. However, to reset your cards to the dark you need to play dark characters cards on other players. These can be played when specific things happen during other players turns. This keeps you active in all turns. It also makes the screw your neighbor aspect not as mean since it is needed for your cards. They also add a good deal to the story.

The Board

How far the flying car can move.

One time aspect is crossing the board. You have a car that has a set travel distance limiting movement. The board is divided into the Moon and Earth. Besides an expensive drop ship the normal way between the two sections is the space needle. For my character's story he needed to make it to one location on Earth, another player sent me to a corner of the moon. This left me rushing across the board skipping clues but worked out in the end.

The puzzles piece on the board is the conspiracy section. You can choose to pull a piece instead of a clue. The conspiracy can cause other pieces to count for VP and give you some extra benefits. Numerous locations also have special rules giving you plenty of options.

Final View

I really like this game. First rounds were a tad slow as we relearned rules. The remaining went very quick. This game has so much theme. It also has so many directions to victory, and very hard to predict who will win. This game I focused on my character over the case and did well. We also have done games where the case one it for the player. This variety and story flow is great. However, the balancing of time and the numerous ways to win could cause analysis paralysis in some. Can't wait to get some more games in.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Year of Skirmish and Cards

Skirmish and Cards

So been a crazy few months, a decent amount of gaming but a little disorganized in projects.


So due to schedules I've found myself playing card game over board games. Legendary Marvel has been a fun co-op game. With the dark city add on the combination of missions, heroes, and villains give it great replay value. Even if the random pull can make some really hard games. Serves as a good one shot as opposed to Pathfinder Card game.
Meg destroying me in Call of Cthulhu

The other main card game is Call of Cthulhu Card Game. We don't really design decks. We have three different boxes. At the beginning of each game we pick two factions each to mix our decks. It keeps it nicely balanced and keeps the game quick. Basically takes 20-30 minutes from deciding we want to play till game finish.


So been playing mostly Skirmish games, which lead to a lot of terrain projects to make it all work. Infinity is the first one, which needed a lot of new terrain. Most of my 40k terrain is dark grim ruined future ruins. Infinity is more anime espionage, so a very different look. On top of it the reactive turn of Infinity require a lot of blocking terrain. I owned a number of models, but needed terrain.
First game

Luckily, the new starter set came with a good deal of terrain. I naturally couldn't resist getting some more to spice it up. The ad's were a pain to put together but are well worth it.

Adds a nice flair

At historicon I picked up some Old glory sci fi terrain and an official terrain objective building. With some reaper pieces, I can do a relatively good table. Just need to paint them up.

Frostgrave and Songs of Blades and Heroes

I have a number of plays I will discuss in a later blog, these are both fantasy small skirmish games. One for one off games and one for campaigns. Terrain for a ruined city, particularly the floor takes awhile to make. However, my wife gave me a great ten year anniversary gift. Secret Wars makes a plastic board made of 24 1x1 pieces. It has a great bottom connector set up.
Spray and first coat

Some drybrushing

Set up

The following are a couple of in game shots with terrain

Lucky sniper shot takes out the opponents mage!


The other skirmish game has been Muskets and Tomahawks. The terrain is my buddy Sal's (check the painting the lead pile link). The British are mine, one of the few things I finished this year. They now have flags.

My final work in progress, is the one of the Zulu building, built and primed at this point. This was a 4-ground set in Warlord Games.

Next time I'll talk about the fun of all these rules systems.