Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Next Generation Fun

Quick Update

So normally we don't have a lot of down time in the classes I teach (the fun of chemistry). However, my one class is post AP and we had an extra day before presentations (and the traditional ghostbusters was over). So, I promised them they could play some games. Of course the question was what game would be good for a class period?

So, the more gamer style students I had try out Dominion. I was surprised none of them had played a deck building game before. Dominion is a game I think is best to learn while playing. The students took to it quickly and a number asked where they could purchase the game. Success.

A number wanted a simple competitive game without too many new rules. So they went with sequence. Sequence is a mix of cards and tic tac toe. You get a hand of cards and each time you play one you place your team color on the board at a matching spot. You can also remove another teams color by playing the matching card.

That group decided on boys versus girls. Once again a good time was had. First game the boys won, second the girls were slightly ahead but the bell rang.

It was fun to show the students a number of games. I've heard of a number of others (ie d6g) doing this, but we rarely have the time in the course. I probably should have pushed Tsuro a little more too.