Tuesday, December 24, 2013

So, I set this site to kind of organize my gaming thoughts. The fact I haven't posted much in a while shows how scattered those have been the last few months. I'll probably do some catch up the next few days. Over the last few months I've played
Fantasy Flight's Xwing
Mansions of Madness
Eldritch Horror
Paizo's Pathfinder
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game
Soda Pop's Super Dungeon Explore
Unspeakable Words
Warhammer Fantasy
Diablo III
Boderlands II
Dragons Dogma
Rogue Legacy
Expeditions: Conquistador

Most of the videogames have been in small bursts.

Unspeakable Words
This plays as a more random version of scrabble. Players are dealt seven cards. On their turn they try to form a  word, gaining points depending on the letters used. The catch is the player then rolls a 20 sided die and needs to equal or exceed the points he just earned. If not they lose one of the 5 Cthulhu sanity markers. When you lose all five your are eliminated from the game. One of the funnier rules is when you have only 1 marker left, you can make up words. The first person who earns 100 points and has at least one sanity left wins.

This is a great game that is rather short (a good thing). I think it is an easy game to play with non gamers. It also adds a good deal of fun and silliness to a word/scrabble type game keeping it from becoming too serious.