Saturday, January 28, 2017

Army in a Month

So crazy year, but a decent amount of gaming, probably a bit too much ps4.


I'm currently working on a number of projects. However, one of my gaming groups has decided to try a Kings of War campaign. The campaign game master decided on 1000 point army. Decided to try something a little new and to go with my Ogre Army. My goal was to finish in about a month. My painting skills are decent but not amazing, so I would be relying on dip methods.
Round 1

The initial prime was white, however it was a little off. I figured the size of the model would make this less of a problem. For base colors I decided on a number of different pant colors, ogres not really having a uniform. Skin would start as a fair skin. Paints are all reaper.
Add some metal.

Some flesh wash then fair skin touch up.

At this point I added hair. The eyes I used white paint then a micron pen.

The next step was trying out the army painter strong tone shade. The size of ogres meant I needed to use a brush as opposed to actually dipping the model in stain.
A couple of other models stained with the ogres.

The weather was a little wet, needing me to let the stain dry for a few extra days before the dullcote. Next step will be basing. As always I am also working on numerous projects. The main ones (besides ogres) are Nurgle, 30 years war Cardinals guard, ancient britons, mansions of madness, and zombicide.

Next time: 3d Printing Fun