Saturday, October 25, 2014

First Mid-War Battle and a Team Battle at that

Mid War

So Grimm had a Mid-War FOW tournament scheduled last Saturday. Up to this point I've only played late war games and only my Irish guard are really painted. So, I figured I'd stop by but only play if they needed a fill in.

Of course turns out with me, there were four. We decided on a two on two German versus Russian Mid-War fighting withdrawal battle. Each player had 1500 points. We rolled and the Germans were defending against the Russians.

The battlefield somewhere on the Eastern Front

My team mate has some wonderfully painted tigers. In fact he modified them to match those in Kelly's Heroes. Since this would be four models at 1500 points, I decided to bring my Fallschirmjäger. So, my army isn't painted but I was excited to use them. My list was 2x full troops, hmgs, pak 40s, heavy mortars, nebelwerfers,  LG40s, and commands all with anti tank.

German setup.

Now I've only faced Russians once before. They brought the kind of army I expected. Thirty or so T-30's, lots of troops, full Katyusha, some more tanks, planes, hammer of god artillery and cavalry! They also took Komissar Boris Ivanovich Vasilevsky the 24" Komissar. Naturally they needed the whole table edge to set up.
Tanks, tanks, and more Tanks!

Just a little artillery...

Lots of Russians. Do we have enough bullets?

Since my team was defending, our main goal was to hold. The objectives were in the middle of our deployment, middle right and far right. We planned to have the objectives leave from middle table to right starting turn six. Our right flank would be our final objective and hold it till turn eight.

Two tigers would slow the left flank while the artillery would pound the middle of the Russians. The first few turns saw the Russians moving forward while firing artillery. Our forces returned artillery, hmg, and tiger shots.
Russian arty strike on the Fallschirmjäger.

Tigers holding the left flank.

Right flank holding strong while weakening the Russian mob.

Russians prepping for first charge.

The Fallschirmjäger in the field managed to stop the first Russian charge due to distances but the Komissar held them together. The Tigers on the left pulled back. The following turn the Russians made their charge. Now fearless vets should be fine right? Well see the thing with my rolling... in rpgs I tend to roll very high or very low but in equal amounts. In mini war games it tends to be much more the low....such as now
Seriously! Nine ones!

To be honest this was a game of bad rolls for everyone. This was a survivable encounter had I rolled average. With this many misses the unit was heavily damaged and the 2IC fled.. Luckily between the 2IC, rockets, and tiger we held the objective.
Luckily the Komissar was out of range to help the unit and we retook the objective.

That tiger holding the objective....rolled a one and arty took it out, ouch.

So, we found ourselves in a bit of a problem. We had to hold the objective another turn before we could pull in, and two bases were defending. Could a tiger and the nebelwerfers hold off the tanks, cavalry and remaining troops in the unit for a turn? Now Cavalry is often tough to get in a good position. However, the Russians had gotten it perfectly set to charge the nebelwerfers.
Perfectly set charge on the flank of the nebelwerfers.

Turns out Nebelwerfers are snipers with rifles!

Nebelwerfers turn out to have practiced a lot with their rifles. The hit the magic five times and broke the cavalry charge. This meant we could hold the middle objective till end of turn six. Our right flank objective was secure and too far for the Russians to make by the end. This meant the middle right objective would be the deciding factor. The Russian troops had been damaged but not destroyed. A single Tiger was blocking the objective. The tiger took the risk and assaulted the Russians, he rolled a one during the counter attack and was destroyed. This meant the Russians started the turn with the objective. Game over.
Tigers have bad luck too.

This was a great game. I'm glad I made it to the store. My fellow players were entertaining and easy going. When everyone rolls bad in a game it can get quite hysterical. It certainly got me motivated to paint up my Fallschirmjäger. I find I enjoy Flames of War the most in these team type mega battles. Mid-War has a slightly different balance, I'm curious to see what Early-War is like.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Some old and new...

So, as normal with the first month of a new year, a big drop in gaming. However, got a few games in.

While my Pathfinder campaign hasn't met, my other group has started our Descent Campaign. The four of us went with the main campaign, myself as the overlord. We also used the Conversion Kit since I have so many random DD models.
Of course the one picture I take is with mostly unpainted models.
We played the intro quest, the vampire's masquerade, and the fat goblin quests. The heroes won the intro and masquerade, I won the goblin quest. Both quests came to last minute runs. In the Goblin case I did a little maneuvering to get the big Guy out in time, last minute card to move a second time. In the Vampire case the players worked in a great formation to hold of the monsters and catch the vampire lady. A lot of fun.

General Thoughts:
1. It seems the Overlord is at a slight disadvantage but not enough to lower enjoyment. Maybe that will change as the campaign goes on.
2. I like that the overlord and the characters level up after each mission. It is simple and clean, giving new abilities without going overboard.
3. While it will be almost two months between sessions, the rules are easy enough it shouldn't take long to get back in character.
4. Overlord has to rely on his cards, monster can only do so much. Trip can be great!
5. I like this so much better than 1st edition, has a nice flow and mission structure.
6. Imperial Assault should be awesome skinned on this. For those who don't know that is the Star Wars using the Descent style rules.

So the new is Descent. The old is Hordes. I started Warmachine with the old black and white Prime book and old starter sets. My wife and I each have multiple armies. I've kept up with the rules (and fluff) but haven't played in a year or two.

One of my normal gaming buddies stopped by and was a tad frustrated with the newest GW grey Knight codex. He wanted to try his Trollblood again. So, we decided start slow and do a box set game. His Troll Impalers, Axer and Warlock Madrak versus my Legion shredders (4), Carnivean, and Warlock Lylyth.

I really miss playing this game. At these low point levels it becomes a game of positioning and setting up the best runs of attack. The warcaster/warlock is always so powerful and influential to your army, but if lost costs you the game. How much do you risk? The Fury/Focus mechanic makes so many choice each turn. The boosting to control your odds versus the synergy of your enemies defense.

Of course I'm not sure I'm ready to play in stores again with it. I love the game, but I'm not sure I can play enough to keep up to speed with weekly players. Then again depends if my rpg games pick up again or not.

Speaking of which I will end with this Kickstarter advertising, mostly since I'm excited to run it
Please feel free to share!

Game on.