Monday, September 23, 2013

Call of Cthulhu

So been a bit. I had a case of pneumonia then work/school started up again. Mostly been playing Diablo III with my wife. Plays on a console very much like the old Champions of Norrath series. Obviously with many modern improvements. It never feels like a ported game.

This weekend I got a chance to run another Call of Cthulhu module from the Terror from Beyond book.

Earlier this year, I ran a group of 5 through the "Burning Stars" scenario. The players wake up in a US military hospital in Haiti during the 1930's, with no memory of the last week. It is a very tough scenario to run without cheating the players. However, it went perfectly and the reveal paid off. The group had a great time and I was quick thinking enough to avoid revealing the surprise to early or cheating the players. I won't mention the twist since it is really worth playing. Of course in true Cthulhu fashion, no one survived yet they did save the day.

So this time I ran a group of 6  players through another scenario "the Dig". The premise is thirty students and three professors at Miskatonic U go on a dig in a nearby farm. The pregen characters were quite good and greatly added to the adventure. I would recommend using them. It also was interesting having so many "meat shields" as some of the players said. The characters did save most of their own class and the Botany majors. They did lose the whole anthro class, and three pcs by the end. A great one shot. 

Players want to do pathfinder as the weeknight game and Savage Worlds pulp (Indian Jones) with some CoC one shots on the side for the weekends. Should be fun. Might do the Cameron idea too.