Monday, February 1, 2016

Kings of War and current projects

In With the New

So, like many fantasy gamer I used to play Warhammer Fantasy Battles. I have a number of armies and a slew of models used for other games. I actually got tired of the game during 7th/8th edition. It started to feel clunky and unbalanced. It didn't help there were so many other games to play. I of course would play a game if someone wanted to. I want really surprised with Age of Sigmar, few people were buying GW Fantasy, even those who played. However, it did lead to a good deal of interest in Kings of War. Since I can use my old models, figured I'd give a go of game against one of my friends.

Similar look to WFB

I decided to try my vampire count army. My friend decided to bring his dwarfs. For my list I tried zombie trolls, vampire knights, balefire catapult, a liche king, then the normal vampire, necromancer, grave guard, zombies and skeletons. The points, buying, and army composition are very straight forward and quick. One thing I like is you buy units by size not model. This allows them to take into account a forty unit model should not be double the price of a twenty unit model since it isn't twice as effective. I always hated paying full price for the back row.

The first few rounds were maneuvering as usual. Also following normal games against dwarfs, I lost the trolls and some zombies to shooting. However, the Liche King is a spell master moving and raising my large units. Backing him (it?) up was the necromancer. On the left flank the vampire and the vampire knights brought havoc.

The Liche King managed to shrug the dwarf flame cannon off. The right undead wing destroyed his flank, in a shock to both of us.

Meanwhile the vampire and his knights tore through the other side.

At this point we called it a game. My friend had a really bad set of rolls which let my skeletons do a bit too well. I came to one major conclusion, I doubt I will ever play Warhammer again. In fact if someone wants to I'd try to convince them to give Kings of War a try. The game feels like older Warhammer in size and movement. Combat is simpler, but not in a bad way. Flank charges are brutal (double attacks), making maneuvering essential. I felt like I was playing my old Vampire Count army. All the feel and enjoyment from Warhammer in a shorter time and prep.

Current Projects

In other news the holidays left me with a number of new games to try.

I was excited to get the new edition of Fury of Dracula, looking forward to trying it. Legacy is an amusing game where you try to build the best noble family. My wife got the muchkin, brushes and time stories. I'm very curious to see how that plays. To round up the games a bunch of infinity and a hard copy of Delta Green! For the more nerdy side (but game related) I got the two part Wellington biography.

As for my current projects, I'm trying to finish my american rifleman for French Indian War. I'm also working on French troops for the Thirty Years War. Also trying to finish some War of the Roses. If that is not enough I'm trying to paint up models for Hell's Rebels Pathfinder (some TYW will double) and Necessary Evil rpg campaigns. No wonder I never finish anything.