Sunday, November 30, 2014

Attack Wing

So this month has mostly been a video game month. Between Assassins Creed Unity and Dragon Age Inquisition most gaming has been PS4. I've also been reading Call of Cthulhu 7e, Last Parsec, and Land of the Free Wargame rules. I'll comment on those later, but I did get a few games in this month..

Star Trek Attack Wing

I've mostly played the X-Wing version of Attack Wing. However, at Comic Con I saw the new Deep Space Nine Model, and figured I'd be buying at least that. So, I figured I'd get a few ships and see if the game played any different.
Dominion versus Klingons

Strangely despite the same rules (minor differences) the game felt very different. While some smaller ships have the same stats as x-wing, the battleships tend to have extreme stats. However unlike x-wing, the more powerful ships don't change base size.
Just a 6 in offense and no dodging. Look at that upgrade bar.
The movement for ships tends to be more varied as well.

Another change from x-wing is the pilot skill. You pay the points for the ship and captain separate. So have Kirk captain the Defiant or Sisko captain the Enterprise. Most characters are upgrades. Which can greatly change things. Torpedoes can fire in any direction, can be reloaded, and are more powerful with certain ships (I guess firing more?). Shields can be turned off to cloak or do certain mission objectives.

The game felt different in a number of ways. First due to the larger hull values, critical hits seemed to play a bigger part. Also how often in x-wing are 6-7 attack dice being rolled and the enemy having one to no agility dice? Naturally I was the ship getting hit by that barrage and he rolled all hits and criticals.

Overall, I really enjoyed this version of attack wing (except the weak Defiant). It plays different enough from Star Wars that I can see playing both. A warning, the first wave of ships are inferior in painting compared to x-wing. The later waves are equal in quality.

Back to X-Wing

So, we had another Descent session. As Overlord I seem to be failing. Maybe we should be playing the Shadows expansion which favors the Overlord a little more. Anyway we decided after the session to play a four player X-wing game. 
Empire versus Rebels (cause who else)

The game was a fun time. I was the only one who had played before. The rules are quick to learn. We avoided too many upgrades. So a red interceptor, Vader, tie swarm, Luke, an x-wing and two B-wings we battled.
Vader line up the shot...

Rebels one due to a few lucky kills early one. However, everyone enjoyed the game and were looking forward to trying it again. My wife was also quite excited to try the Dragon version which should be fun.

Hopefully, next time I'll talk about the new Cthulhu or Last Parsec.